About us

Like most Indians, our founder’s love for tea is eternal. He’s a passionate tea enthusiast committed to serving the best-quality tea to every tea-loving household in India and beyond. Disappointed with poor-quality tea sold from elite brands, he set himself on a mission to make aromatic tea accessible to tea lovers. In 2017, Shine Foods became a reality. We had a humble beginning as a well-recognized tea trader in Surat, Gujarat.

Over the next few years, the locals’ love and support for Shine Foods grew immensely. Now, we have our manufacturing unit in Anand, Gujarat. Since then, we haven’t looked back, and we have held our fundamentals high with pride. We are a customer-centric food and beverages company dedicated to getting better every day. We know our country runs on Chai, and we are pleased to be in this and help fuel Indians.

Shine Foods offers a wide range of aromatic masala chai packed with a plethora of health benefits and refreshing tastes. Our diverse range of masala chai is our top-selling production. The reason being, our tea experts at Shine Foods carefully handpick the tea ingredients that make the perfect masala chai. Moreover, we only use premium quality spices to offer you the taste you deserve, no matter what.

To ensure that quality isn’t compromised at any stage of manufacturing our diverse range of tea, our products undergo numerous quality checks. Our sophisticated multi-step quality checks ensure that only the best quality tea is packed in each pack. Well, that’s not all. We also ensure that our packed tea maintains its aroma and nutrient value, and we achieve this using tin packaging.

There are two major reasons why we at Shine Foods offer our masala chai in tin boxes.

Firstly, tin boxes can be recycled and reused, thus reducing our carbon footprint. Secondly, tin boxes ensure that the tea reaches you fresh without any compromisations with quality.

As a bonus, tin packaging looks premium, making them an ideal gift option for your tea-enthusiast friends or family.

Our Goal

At Shine Foods, we follow a customer-centric approach. Our primary goal is to deliver premium quality tea without fail. Moreover, we are committed to improving the health of millions of tea lovers with our unique and diverse range of tea. Unlike masala chai sold by leading brands, our masala chai comes loaded with various health benefits.

Our diverse range of masala chai may help you fight inflammation, boost immunity, heal wounds, improve digestion, and maintain insulin levels. Since we use premium quality spices to manufacture our vivid range of masala chai, some of them may also help you maintain cholesterol, detoxify skin, and repair damaged cells. We are proud to help our customers stay healthy and fit with our tea range.

Over the years, we have put special emphasis on making our tea healthier and aromatic, like any tea enthusiast would want it to be. Truth is the core of our business foundation, and we take pride to be transparent and honest with our customers. We have expansion plans, and we would like to reach every household across the country but, we will never compromise on our quality.

We do not only make tea that soothes one’s senses; we make healthier, aromatic, and great tea that you’ll cherish for years. We strive to be the most loved tea brand in India and beyond. We are confident, our honesty, unmatched quality, and dedication with your love and support will make it happen. We are Shine Foods, and we are here to change what you think and expect from your tea.

What differentiates and makes Shine Foods better than industry-leading brands?

Shine Foods strives and thrives on truth. We never make false claims and unrealistic promises. Unlike our competitors and well-established brands, we won’t promise you to deliver freshly-picked tea within 48-72hours. Moreover, we won’t even tell you that anyone saying so is being honest with you or not. We know that our customer is God. And, God knows whether it is possible for any brand run by humans to deliver fresh tea within 72 hours across India or not.

From the first day in business, we have put our customers first before anything else. Our priority lies in delivering quality tea at affordable prices. We don’t believe in running heavily paid ad campaigns or costly marketing stunts. We as a brand have prioritized maintaining product quality and being truthful to our customers. Frankly, this has helped us offer almost double the quantity of tea than our competitors at the same price tag.

As a cherry on the cake, along with double the quantity of tea, we also offer premium tin packaging. Our USP is offering uncompromised quality premium tea featuring elite tin packaging to sustain the product’s goodness. We believe that outstanding quality speaks for itself, and if it is not compromised, the brand doesn’t need huge chunks of money for marketing. We present you Shine Foods and all our products without sugarcoating anything.