Private Label


Private Labels Tea, We understand the meaning of our customer brand value, which allows us to custom tea packaging. Our goal is not just to become name brand - we aim to partner with you to continuously achieve greater heights of success in your market space.

Our offerings are customized in strict synchronization with market requirements and then blended and packed in our quality assurance laboratories in order to ensure consistent quality.

Over the years, we have maintained a strong track in matching the standards of tea set by our prospective buyers and with our strong expertise in blending, we make sure that we maintain the quality standard throughout the year.

Some of the products that we manufacture and export include bulk black tea, organic bulk tea, bulk herbal tea and bulk loose tea in India.

Our tea tasters are more than happy to add unique and customized blends for our clients keeping in mind the desired quality and standard. Also worth mentioning is that orthodox and CTC from Assam and South Indian Teas are sold in bulk and packed in sacks along with PP Bags. An interesting part worth mentioning is that our loose tea is also packed in sacks but with an inner lining of aluminum foil, PP bags or jute bags with inner linings of HMHDPE bags of net weight between 15 kgs and 30 kgs, as preferred by the customer.


What is Private Label in Tea or White Label in Tea?

It is an arrangement between Buyer and Supplier for a particular brand to be manufactured and packed in supplier factory and dispatches it further by the buyer. White label tea or Private label in tea is a successful business idea which helps to reduce the product producing cost and also the supply cost.

Private Label in Tea with Shine Foods?

Shine Foods provides tea packaging solution which helps buyer to do business hassle free. We promote the Idea of working together in Tea which means buyer just needs to focus on marketing side else the packaging and supplying are done by us.

Benefits of doing Private Label Tea with Shine Foods?

  • 20+ Tea Packaging Solution- Tea Pouch, Tea Box, Tea Jars,, Tea Can & Bulk Tea
  • 25+ Tea blends- quality which are consistent 365 days.
  • Dealing in all types of teas like CTC, Green, Black & Herbal teas
  • Capacity- 1000kg per day
  • Supply- All the major transports are connected, delivery is possible all over India.


  • loose tea in 20kg CNTS,
  • 5Kg bag packed in 20kg CTNs
  • 1kg to 250gm of pouch or box packaging


Bulk Sack Tea Bags (HDPE)

Good Quality of Bulk Sack Tea Bags from 5kg to 30kg material HDPE Plastic

Bulk Tea Bags Non-Woven

Multi-Color and Single Color Non-Woven Bags, 5kg to 30kg

Bulk Tea Bags of 5kg POLY LD

Multi-Color Printing on Plastic and Polyester LD Tea Bags 5kg

Tea Pouch Aluminum

We have supplier who provide international food standard of plastic + Aluminum Pouch Packaging material, sizes are 12gm to 1kg

Standup Tea Pouches

Our Facilities provide us to supply Standup Pouches, printed or sticker from 250gm to 1kg

Multiple types of Tea Pouches

Our company full automation plant provide multiple type of Tea Pouches, Safely packed and supplied

Box Packaging

Heavy GSM Tea Boxes, we provide Box packaging from 250g to 1kg

Multi-Color Interlock Boxes

Vibrant Boxes which provide status for your tea brand

Multiple types of Tea Outer Boxes

Full color Tea outer cartons, complete tea box packaging solutions, here at Shine Foods.